About Us

As the wife of a Realtor, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the real estate business from the inside out. It’s been amazing to see the advance of technology in so many areas of the business but one facet seemed surprisingly outdated: the promotion of Broker’s Opens. Our daughters are very eco-conscious and were shocked to learn of the number of paper flyers printed and then driven around Northern Virginia on a weekly basis. This system, while effective in that it allows for the geo-targeting of flyer distribution, is incredibly inefficient, costly and wasteful of both time and natural resources. We knew there had to be a better way and are thrilled to bring you BrokerWindow.

BrokerWindow is poised to transform how agents promote Broker’s Opens in the way DocuSign has changed contract ratification. It’s green, simple, convenient, inexpensive - AND offers a better product in that flyers can be distributed in full color. We’re excited about what this offers to agents, brokerages and sponsors and hope you are, too.

We welcome feedback and hope that BrokerWindow improves the efficiency of your business and makes your crazy Realtor life a little less crazy.

Anne Wydler