About Us

Every Monday in Northern Virginia, black-and-white broker’s open flyers are dropped off at real estate agencies. BrokerWindow’s web-based platform introduces a simpler, more efficient way for real estate agents and brokers to receive and promote Northern Virginia broker’s opens.

BrokerWindow sets itself apart by allowing Northern Virginia brokers to upload their broker’s open flyers in color and online. Once a flyer is uploaded online on the BrokerWindow platform, it’s automatically set to go out in the Monday email blast that’s delivered to BrokerWindow users. The once-a-week email encapsulates all the broker’s opens happening each week, so users get the maximum amount of details in the minimal amount of communication.

After the email is sent out, it opens up the opportunity for users of the platform to save the dates of all broker’s opens and notify the host broker that they’re attending. BrokerWindow’s platform was created to simplify the lives of Northern Virginia real estate agents and brokers. Simplified lives mean easier forms of communicating and connecting with others in what’s most important: getting a property out into the market and into the hands of a homebuyer.

BrokerWindow welcomes those who are new to the platform and values those who are using the platform. Joining BrokerWindow means being a part of a community that cares and consists of other like-minded Northern Virginia real estate agents and brokers.

For those considering BrokerWindow: please join us! Sign Up and enter pertinent information such as your email address that aligns with your Bright MLS account and what city you’d like to receive Northern Virginia broker’s opens from.

For current users: please let us know how we can continuously improve the BrokerWindow platform. BrokerWindow was established in 2019 and as technology changes rapidly, we want to keep up with the market and ensure our platform is useful to you.