Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is BrokerWindow?

    BrokerWindow is communication platform for listing agents to broadcast their brokers opens to other agents based on geography in a consolidated way. Receiving agents can now check one source to see the available brokers opens for the week. By consolidating through an intuitive user interface, receiving agents can now open one email and easily create a customized tour each week by clicking on their "favorites". Agents also don’t have to go into the office to pick up “paper flyers”.

  • Why do I need BrokerWindow?

    Agents generally agree that Broker Opens serve a valuable purpose. The challenge is that there is not cost effective way to promote them. The MLS scheduling feature doesn’t allow you to highlight specific features, identify sponsors of a Brokers Open or highlight any enticements (e.g., food, raffle, etc). The current paper-based systems are expensive, wasteful and inefficient in both time and resources. One off email flyers get lost in the noise and are rarely opened. BrokerWindow is a solution born out of frustration. At BrokerWindow, we recognize that brokers open flyers are an effective way to highlight specific property features, to advertise food/beverage offerings and to thank sponsors. We also recognize that the targeted nature of the existing paper flyer delivery services allows agents to “push” their listings to agents in surrounding areas and feeder neighborhoods. BrokerWindow retains this geographic-based distribution model by dividing Northern Virginia into 12 “Blast Zones”.

  • What is BrokerWindow not?

    BrokerWindow is not another "e-flyer" one-off system. BrokerWindow is not a design tool to create flyers.

  • How do I sign up?

    It's simple! Just click here and supply the requested information.

  • What if my office is located in an area different from where I do most of my business?

    When you register, we will ask where your office is (or where do you do the most work)? When answering this, please know that this answer determines which geographic bundle of flyers you will receive each week.

  • How do you get your mailing list?

    BrokerWindow has a built a proprietary list of agents, their office location and emails. This list is growing every day. We will never share your information with others and you can review our Privacy Policy if you ever have any questions.

  • How much does it cost?

    Like the current paper-based systems, BrokerWindow distributes the weekly bundles of brokers open flyers at no cost to the receiving agent. Listing agents who want to submit a flyer will be charged based on how many locations (aka Blast Zones) they want to promote the flyer to.

  • Why does it cost more to promote a flyer to Blast Zones outside my primary?

    We want each weekly bundle to be highly relevant to the receiving agents. In order to ensure that, we want the majority of the flyers to be geographically relevant. We help ensure that is the case by charging more for flyers outside the listing agent's Primary Blast Zone.

  • What if I want to look at bundles outside my Primary Blast Zone?

    Receiving agents will receive one bundle per week based on their Primary Blast Zone. If an agent wants access to a bundle from a different market, there will be a nominal fee per additional Zone.

  • What if I want to cancel a flyer before it is distributed?

    As long as we receive your cancellation request before 10am (ET) on Monday (the day the bundles are distributed), you will receive a full refund.

  • What if I want to cancel?

    We hope you don't and if you're unhappy with our service, please let us know what we can do to improve. That being said, if you'd like to cancel, go into the "Accounts" section and click on "Cancel my account". Please note that once you cancel, you will lose all account information.

  • Where can I find video tutorials about using BrokerWindow?

    Here's a link to our video tutorials channel on YouTube