Similar, but better service

Finally, there is sensible way for real estate agents to distribute and receive weekly broker's open flyers. BrokerWindow is a platform that digitally replicates and vastly improves the existing paper flyer services real estate agents use today. Here are some of the benefits:


  • Like the paper flyer distribution services available today, every agent will receive a weekly bundle of flyers at no cost. However, agents will receive their weekly bundle via email. The service will allow agents to create a “curated” list of broker's opens they want to attend with simple “Favorites” button.
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  • Listing agents who are sending flyers will pay to distribute flyers to whichever “Primary Blast Zone” they choose.
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  • Dead Simple

    No more calculating your own costs and fiddling with paper forms. Upload or create your flyer and choose your target areas. The flat fees make it crystal clear what you pay.

  • Green

    Email distribution is far more efficient. No wasted paper, no one driving around using gas.

  • Time Efficient

    You can upload, create or cancel broker's open flyers up to 1 hour before distribution (we are leaving ourselves a little room to ensure quality).

  • Targeted

    Reach as many markets as you choose to optimize the exposure of your broker's opens.

  • Color

    You will have full control over the quality of your flyer including full color, high res photos, etc.

  • Reach

    We have a proprietary comprehensive database of Northern Virginia agents in our market. The current paper services drop off at physical offices. As you know, many agents rarely go into their office and work virtually. BrokerWindow has far greater reach.

  • Intelligent

    If you are a listing agent, you will now have data showing how many agents are viewing and “favoriting” your broker's open flyers. This will allow you greater insight into the pulse of the market that you can share with your clients.