How does BrokerWindow help promote Northern Virginia Broker’s Opens?

Remember: a broker’s open is not held for a homebuyer, but rather for the real estate agents. Real estate agents use a broker’s open as an opportunity to view a property to determine whether or not it may be of interest to their clientele. Typically, broker’s opens happen earlier in the week, falling on a Tuesday. BrokerWindow acts as a two-way communication platform for Northern Virginia real estate agents and brokers. Agents receive Northern Virginia broker’s open information and brokers upload flyers to promote their open to agents.

BrokerWindow also remains in the communications. BrokerWindow communicates with users and users communicate with BrokerWindow.

BrokerWindow communicates with users once a week via email to provide a compiled listing of all the Northern Virginia broker’s opens. The email comes out every Monday, acting as a reminder of the broker’s opens happening during the week. Users have the choice to select which Northern Virginia cities that they’d like to receive information from. Users can select one primary city and after that, any additional city added on is $4/month. The BrokerWindow web-based platform is highly accommodating to users’ needs with a customized tour feature that shows all of the users’ “favorited” flyers and measures how far each open is away from another. This feature is crucial for Northern Virginia real estate agents looking to attend more than one open a day and keep track of their busy schedule.

Are Northern Virginia real estate agents able to submit their own Broker’s Opens flyers?

Users communicate with BrokerWindow by submitting their broker’s opens flyers to share with other Northern Virginia real estate agents. BrokerWindow’s easy-to-use platform allows users to create flyers with color at a high resolution. The cost to distribute a broker’s open flyer in a user’s primary city is $10 and $20 to send to each additional city. Flyer submissions must be received by 10am on Monday to be included in that week's distribution.

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