Simple & Intuitive

Use BrokerWindow to both Receive weekly bundles of flyers and to Send flyers for your own brokers opens.

  • Sign Up

    Agents choose their primary "Blast Zone"; i.e. the geographic area where they do the most work. It's easy to change or update your Blast Zone at any time.

  • Free to Receive

    Every Monday, each agent will receive, at no cost, a weekly email with a link to the bundle of brokers opens in their Blast Zone. Soon, for a small charge, agents may subscribe to receive bundles for other Zones (in addition to their primary Blast Zone). Each additional Zone will be $4/month. Agents can see flyers from all their subscribed Zones and customize a curated list of brokers opens by easily "favoriting" a flyer, which adds it to their tour for the week.

  • Affordable to Send

    The cost to distribute a brokers open flyer is $10 for your primary Blast Zone and $20 to send for each additional Zone. This simple pricing structure is easy to understand and budget. Submissions must be received by 10am on Monday to be included in that week's distribution. You will be able to track the number agents who have added your flyer to their tour for each flyer you submit.